The only data analytics platform built for analysts.

The power to correlate and uncover insights instantly from multiple streams of high-volume, fast-moving data so you make decisions and take action right away.

Real-Time for the Real World

When major events affect your organization, time is of the essence. You don't have time to store, structure and analyze data. LUX's powerful engine, ease-of-use and agility lets analysts anticipate, adjust and respond to real-world circumstances as they happen.

LUX works for organizations facing critical, time-sensitive situations.

  • • Government
  • • Enterprise Cyber Security
  • • Financial Services
  • • Brand Reputation


The problem isn't too much data, it is too little insight delivered too late.

LUX by ICG empowers analysts to uncover insights instantly without programmers.

Unlike traditional tools that "store first and analyze later," LUX analyzes on the fly to deliver insight in minutes instead of months.
Easy to Use
The intuitive interface empowers analysts to fuse data streams without technical assistance.
LUX helps predict outcomes based on real-world events. LUX complements traditional Big Data tools by applying patterns from historical analytics to real-time data streams.
Agile & Adaptable
LUX usefulness is only limited by a user's creativity. It can manage multiple events, sources and data types and is extensible via an API for custom analytics.

Proven & Ready to Deploy

With rapid configuration and deployment, LUX is ready to start delivering insights to you.

Right Now Matters

LUX seamlessly handles more than 400,000 events per second and 40 billion events per day. The unique architecture analyzes data as it moves -- without storing or coding delays.

LUX – converting information into insight.

LUX 2020

Get started now with your FREE TRIAL and see how easy Big Data can be.

ICG puts the power of real-time political analytics at your fingertips with LUX 2020.

Click on "Candidates" to see LUX 2020’s positive sentiment tracker for each political official based on social media posts over several time intervals (and watch the list change over time as current events unfold).

Click on "Issues" to see social-media reaction to trending political and legislative topics.

Click on any number (cell) to see a demographic breakdown by party, gender and age - based on unique enrichment analytics running in LUX.


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