LUX Documentation 2.8

Getting Started with LUX

  1. Install LUX using the Installation Guide.
  2. Configure Ingest plugins or create new ones to bring data sources into the LUX pipeline.
  3. Configure Enrichments, Analytics, Rule Forms, and Display Templates to work with your data sources by using the Engine Config Guide and Form Creation Guide.
  4. Start all LUX components using instructions in the Ops Manual.
  5. Use the LUX UI to create rules and explore your data, as outlined in the User’s Manual.
  6. Monitor LUX health and status using the EAC.

Installation Guide

Instructions for installing the LUX UI, Engine, Databases, and all prerequisite software.

Engine and Plugins Configuration Guide

Configuration options for the Engine and all standard Plugins.

LUX Operations Manual

System Administrator’s Guide for stopping, starting, and performing other common tasks for all LUX components.

User’s Manual

End User instructions for using the LUX UI.

LUX Upgrade Guide

Instructions for upgrading both the LUX UI & Engine components to LUX v2.8 from v2.7.

Engine Administration Console Guide

Instructions for using the EAC to monitor the health and status of LUX, as well as how to make real-time changes to the Engine.

PDK Guide

Instructions for using the Plugin Development Kit to develop new LUX Plugins.

Adding a Data Source and Rule Form

Guide to adding a new data source to LUX, both Engine and UI.

Rule Form Creation Guide

Instructions for creating custom Rule Forms for data sources in the LUX UI.


Interface Control Document for LUX REST services.

LUX Integration Options

Software architecture diagrams displaying several patterns for LUX integration.

Event Query Syntax Guide

Guide for writing LUX Event Queries used in Rule Forms and plugin configuration.

LUX Entity Manager Setup Guide

Reference Material for Entity Manager Configurations.

Prior LUX Versions