Analytics Catalog

Unlock the value of your data using our growing catalog of ready to use analytics.
Below are samples of the many tools available to analysts today.

Moving & Geospatial Analytics

Duplicate MMSI
Dark Ships
Dead Reckoning
Dead Reckoning Course and Speed
Track Forecast (TFA)
Abnormal Tracks
Track Shape Similarity
Area Normalcy
Area Pattern of Life
Area Warning
Geospatial Graph (GGA)
Path Visualization
Moving Proximity/Dynamic-AOI
MMSI/Track# Attribute Change

People Analytics

Person Demographic Predicators
Person Influence Score
Entity Pattern of Life
Fuzzy Name Matching
POI Identification
People Association
People Clusters
Person Demographic Predicators
Multi-Media Face Detections

Content Analytics

Entity Extraction
Main Subject Detection
Emotional Detection
Sentiment Detection
Trend Analysis
Emerging Topics
Image OCR

Cyber Analytics

DDOS Detection
Dictionary Logon Attack
Device Clusters
Inactive Devices
New Protocol per IP
Device Normalcy
User Normalcy
DNS URL Trends
DNS RR Trends
Motivational Analytics

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