Documentation v2.5

Welcome to the Documentation page for LUX Version 2.5. This page contains guides and manuals for LUX administrators and developers. Links to documentation for the latest version (2.9) as well as prior releases of LUX at the bottom of this page.


LUX Installation Guide

Instructions for installing the LUX UI, Engine, Databases, and all prerequisite software.

LUX Users Manual

Guide to give End Users an overview of the LUX User Interface (UI).

LUX Operations Guide

System Administrator’s Guide for stopping, starting, and performing other common tasks for all LUX components.

Engine Administration Console Guide

Instructions for using the EAC to monitor the health and status of LUX, as well as how to make real-time changes to the Engine.

Engine and Plugins Configuration Guide

Configuration options for the Engine and all standard Plugins.


PDK Guide

Instructions for using the Plugin Development Kit to develop new LUX Plugins.


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