– Herbert Simon

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

Illumina Insight™ delivers unique, real-time, and actionable intelligence in opaque markets around the world through a powerful combination of human expertise, data, analytics, and technology.

• A US-based team of expert analysts at its center, with in-country experience, extensive local networks, and native language skills to assess and prioritize a wide range of factors, opportunities, and risks.

• An All-Source data methodology that brings together a vast array of information in all forms and puts it directly in the hands of analysts to inform and assess.

• A flexible analytics framework that integrates human queries, machine learning, and artificial intelligence models, often working in parallel, to capture and validate multiple levels of insight in real time.

• A high-volume, real-time streaming data analytics software platform that analyzes billions of events per day to drive the analytics framework and monitor key assessment factors continuously over time.

Our model delivers value at high level and ground level and throughout the decision-making lifecycle: from idea generation and initial assessment, through thesis verification and pre-investment monitoring, to post-transaction tracking and on-going reporting.

Illumina Insight™ - When you need to know it now.

Our Analysts

• The combined expertise—scholars and intelligence specialists—permits real-time understanding and predictive analytic capability to spot important events, issues, and influential actors significantly ahead of the market.

• We provide tailored, actionable intelligence based on constant virtual immersion in countries and on topics of interest. Our multinational teams of region dedicated analysts have native languages, societal insights, and functional expertise in the business, financial, political, economic, energy, and security disciplines.

• Our team holds true global capabilities, with ongoing assignments in China, North Korea, Central & South-East Asia, Latin America and emerging EMEA, plus a 4,000 strong expert global network.

All-Source Data

Today, comprehensive intelligence is derived from multiple online, offline, open, and closed sources. We refer to this as All-Source. The collection and assessment of traditional sources of data (e.g., objective news reporting, financial filings, government statistics) in emerging markets can be difficult, inconsistent, and unreliable. Our All-Source data approach, facilitated by our technology platform, LUX™, supplements traditional collection with “Big Data” sources, such as social media, imagery, and geospatial information (e.g., about land, sea, and air transportation networks and assets).

All-Source to Support Primary Investment Research

Regardless of investment strategy or research methodology, human-driven nonfinancial understanding remains pivotal when navigating increasingly complex environments. However, the steady emergence of “Alternative” (or “Big”) Data from within these opaque markets establishes that the time is right for these two practices to merge to produce a comprehensive solution for supporting financial analysis. The Illumina Insight™ All-Source model, the first of its kind, does just that and delivers value through a specialized and bespoke approach on a case-by-case basis.

Our Analytics and Technology

Our patented technology software, LUX™, provides two key technical capabilities to deliver speed to insight: the flexibility to handle all forms of data, and the processing power to pull insight from a large volume of streaming and stored information assets in real time. LUX™ empowers our analysts to query data directly through a simple user interface (connected to a complex event processor, or matching engine).

Likewise, LUX™ has a catalogue of nearly 100 analytics available to plug into the analytical framework and our technical team can write new analytics to support unique requirements. LUX™ integrates a variety of machine learning and AI models, both our own and from clients, and can run the expert queries and models at the same time. LUX™ automatically alerts the analysts (and the models) when it detects insights in the data.

The analysts incorporate these automated findings into their assessments. Once they identify key factors worthy of ongoing evaluation, they configure LUX™ to monitor changes in the factors based on evolving datasets. In practical terms, an analyst might forecast an outcome with respect to a company or executive based on specific variables in the data and set up LUX™ to monitor the thesis. The technology then helps the analyst and the client validate, update, or invalidate the thesis, or other aspects of the forecast, going forward. This capability converts static assessments into dynamic, automatically updated situational intelligence, and guides the human experts with the best available information.

As a result, Illumina Insight™ delivers both strategic value and tactical benefit. We track the complexity of the investment decision-making lifecycle from idea generation to exit – seamlessly, continuously, and in real time.

The Illumina Insight™ Advantage

Information without insight is noise. Illumina Insight™ does what other data, technology, and consulting firms can’t:

Empower expert human analysts who have localized knowledge, With an All-Source data methodology, State-of-the-art analytical models, and a High-performance, real-time technology engine to make sense of large volumes of complex information streams and accelerate speed to insight to keep pace with client needs. We deliver situational awareness customized to specific client scenarios, validate opportunities, assess risks, and safeguard investment strategy throughout the decision-making lifecycle.

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About Illumina Insight™

Illumina Insight™ delivers premium analytical consulting services to private clients engaged in global markets. Since 2009, its LUX™ software has been a central streaming data analytics and alerting technology supporting the US National Security community.

Illumina Insight™ features a team of more than 30 seasoned analysts from a rich variety of backgrounds, former investment analysts, economists, lawyers, MBAs, and former officers in the US national security agencies. The team provides fluency in more than 20 core languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and local dialects across Central & Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa.

Illumina Insight™ services also include high-volume information sourcing, acquisition, and analysis; discrete due diligence and market entry support projects; and All-Source analyst training for in-house research teams.