LUX™ is data agnostic—it can manage streaming and stored data.

LUX™ comprises two main parts: a User Interface (UI) and an analytics platform. The UI allows a user to ask questions and then explore and understand the resulting answers using a set of purpose-built visualizations.  LUX™ itself has 3 separate sub-systems—(1) the real time pipeline, (2) batch analytics, and (3) an entity manager—and can accommodate unlimited plug-ins.

LUX™ Analytics Catalog

Unlock the value of your data using our growing catalog of ready to use analytics.

Resource Center

Analytics Catalog

Browse LUX’s growing collection of configurable analytics and see how they apply to your projects and missions.

Education + Training

Get started with LUX™ by reviewing self-paced learning modules and watching webinars on ways the platform delivers value.

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