Tailored Solutions for Key Strategies

EM Micro

Data-driven research and opportunity analysis, integrating our unique All-Source data methodology with expert analysts in opaque markets. Necessary insight at high level and ground level during idea generation, with on-going validation during decision-making, execution and review. We further protect what we deliver through industry-leading due diligence and market entry support services when required.

Global Macro

Our technology enables the most diverse data to be collected and synthesized, with meaningful signals delivered straight to analyst dashboards. We build bespoke signals from non-financial sources, drawing only the relevant physical (such as weather, imagery, location) and non-physical (social media, sentiment, trends) data to provide a proprietary understanding. Our AI and Machine Learning driven predictive analytics further enhances our macro signals, applying historical fact to develop educated foresight.


Monitoring supply and demand disruption through on the ground insight, from both data and non-data sources. LUX was built specifically for real-time alerting and our integrated approach provides comprehensive global coverage.


We work with funds to build and develop in-house research teams using our custom tools and methodology.